Monthly Evaluation
List of Teachers that are likely to be engaged in non-teaching activities
Need of the report -As per the guidelines of SSA and RTE Act 2009, the State Government has to ensure that the school teachers are not used for non-teaching functions.

How it works-
This report analyze the subjects-wise monthly tests data to identify the teachers that are teaching the school. Teachers that are drawing the salary from a school is obtained from the employee online payroll system.

If the teacher is getting the salary from the school but his school's monthly test data of the selected month does not reflect his name, then the system treats that the teacher is likely to be engaged in  non-teaching functions. This report use the monthly data of last three months.  Teachers posted in those schools that have  not conducted monthly tests/ uploaded data on the portal are not included in the list. The list includes those teachers whose schools monthly test data is online but the teacher is not associated with any subject for  the selected month.

Users of  the report-This report is intended to be used by DEO,DDO,  DPC, BRC and other functionaries of the school education system. They can use this report to track and control the use of teachers for non-teaching functions.

Expected Impact/Outcome- All teachers shall teach in the schools from which they are getting the salaries. The practice of using teachers for non-teaching function should be controlled.
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