Human Resource Management System (HRMIS)
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HRMIS - Human Resource Management Information System

To effectively and proactively manage and rationally deploy nearly 3.5 lac teachers & staff, to ensure timely payment of their salaries and prompt redressal of their grievances, and to prevent pilferage/leakage in payments of salaries and other entitlements etc., and to be able to monitor the implementation of RTE Act, 2009, an. It also includes development of online e-service books, a first of its kind. E-service books have been created for nearly 3.3 Lac staff/teachers of different categories. School-wise, Salary bills of the teachers and staff are now to be mandatorily prepared online by the Payment Authorities/DDOs. The system has also been enhanced to facilitate the seamless implementation of the New Contributory Pension scheme for the over 1 lac teachers of Adhyapak cadre through NSDL. Portal generated application format were used for allotment of PRAN No for subscription of scheme, Integration of the pay-roll for deductions of employee share and Govt contribution has been carried out, integration with NSDL for uploading the subscription details and release of the amount to NSDL

Outcomes/Impact - The new system has facilitated (i) a proper system to ensure the timely generation and payment of correct salary bills, (ii) correct & timely fixation of increments, (iii) saving of time, efforts and mistakes in payments of salaries and other allowances (iv) authentic data of teacher & staff deployment in real time, (v) Knowledge to proactively address all establishment related issues of entitlements etc. e.g. seniority, promotions, time-scale fixation, pay fixation, regularization, trainings, pension etc., (vi) redressal of grievances, (vii) check on bogus appointments, payments and deployment of guest faculties against the set norms, (viii) Timely tracking/ updating of appointments, retirements, resignations, transfers of teachers as details of new appointments, postings, transfers, absentees and retirements MUST get updated every month in order to finalize pay bill of the month, (ix) ensuring compliance of Government policies & instructions on transfers, attachments and preventing unauthorized transfers and attachments etc., (ix) Correct DDO-wise salary head budget allotments directly by the HoD, (x) Rationalization of teachers subject-wise, subject group-wise based on students enrollment as per RTE norms and State Norms for secondary schools, (xii) Correct forecasting for ensuring proper & timely recruitment of teachers on the basis of need of teachers subject-wise & on basis of enrollments in schools in compliance to RTE Act 2009, (xiii) sharing of all information on HR deployment etc. by keeping it in public domain thereby, fulfilling RTI requirement and enabling social participation, oversight & audit, (xiv) seamless integration with information on school-wise and class-wise enrollments, (xv) tracking of performance of each teacher in relation to academic performance of students being taught by him/her.

The facilitation provided by the system above has brought about significant and perceptible improvements in the systems and institutions through improved performance on all points enumerated above, enabled proactive governance, checked leakages and made the system efficient and effective e.g. number of schools with Zero regular teachers have come down; nearly 10 days time and effort spent on paybill preparation has been reduced to just half an hour. The system will yield further enormous benefits with increased oversight by public representatives, media and society at large and compulsions of RTE Act 2009 in relation to teachers deployment school-wise, as all inadequacies of governance & deficiencies in relation to RTE are visible in public domain

Based on forecast and analysis provided by the system regarding the subject wise teacher requirements, the department has been able to initiate necessary action for recruitment of new teachers/guest faculty to fill-up the vacancies in schools and ensure compliance to RTE Act 2009.