VER - Village Education Register
Enrollment of Children (Gender-wise, Category-wise, Age-group-wise) – Madhya Pradesh 
Need of report
  • To facilitate micro-level planning for school, teachers and other facilities as per the provisions of Right to Education Act and SSA.
  • To prepare the Annual Work Plan (AWP).
  • How the report is prepared
  • This report has been generated by analyzing the Village Education Register prepared on the basis of the data collected by House-hold survey carried out  by School Education department with the pbjective of  universalization of  primary education.
  • Out-put
  • This report is generated block-wise and District-Level.
  • Gender-wise, category-wise count of children is also generated.
  • Bifurcation of children as per Urban and Rural areas are also available for better planning
  • Details of child population belonging to of Minorities group (Muslims)  is also available for planning.
  • Report Updation Frequency - This report is generated based on the data that is complied at 2 AM Night
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